I am a Black graphic designer and publisher who was born but not raised in Khartoum, Sudan. My interests include language, form, and specificity. I am also interested in media, Black studies, and pop culture.

I am an assistant professor at SUNY Purchase, where I teach courses on typography, interactivity, and contemporary design issues. I am also teaching a graduate seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University. From 2015–2017, I taught at the California College of the Arts.

Prior to joining SUNY, I was a book designer at the University of Chicago Press. In 2018, I published headgear.pw, which was designed and programmed by Becca Abbe. In 2017, I published Sapphire Tears with Publication Studio SF. In 2016, I began piecing together a project called Samples and Parallels, which I hope to reboot in 2021. Since 2016, I have also contributed to Women of Graphic Design, a project founded by Tori Hinn.

A few things that I'm currently working on: a book cover, a blog for my website, a lecture and corresponding essay titled "Black textual intervention," some syllabi and project briefs, and a contribution to Amalgam. I'm also designing a logo for a project that was initiated by Kantara Souffrant.

You can reach me via email or connect with me on Are.na.