I am a Black graphic designer, educator, and publisher who was born but not raised in Khartoum, Sudan. My interests include language, form, and specificity. I am also interested in media, Black studies, and pop culture.

Some links: Tools for Cultural Production; IDEA Magazine, No.391; http://2020: data as symbolic form/exchange; headgear.pw; Women of Graphic Design; What is the Role of Personal Narrative in Graphic Design?; The Primary Task of the Tokenizer; Sapphire Tears.

Forthcoming: “Entry Point” (an essay for Amalgam); Samples and Parallels (a co-authoring project with Bryce Wilner); Spotty Congregation (a solo exhibition in Michigan); art direction for 580 Split (thank you, Livia Foldes).

My website is undergoing some changes. Feel free to reach me via email or connect with me on Are.na.